Extended: Blood Wizard’s The Occült Part Three

Waited a while for this one! The third part in Blood Wizard’s The Occült series sees personal favourites Tristan Rennie and Kevin Kowalski put out excellent full parts!

Tristan Rennie kicks things off with a pool-heavy part; dude is so solid skating those things… Not many can noseblunt / grind better than than him in a pool. He puts together some great lines - frontside rockslide, backlip over box and light, frontside feeble to fakie over the stairs - frontside 5050, smithbash, backtail shove. A couple of the tricks in the section remind me of his Raw Ams section (which made our years best list last year) and he even hits the roof at Leeside, backside.

Throughout the video, Chris Gregson continues to prove his the best follow filmer; Tristan’s opening skatepark line and Kevin’s multiple lines around Burnside and his backyard facility are particularly great.

Kevin Kowalski continues to get better with age, this time focusing on extended sections in a couple of locations - namely the newer bits at Burnside and his own park, putting together some great lines at each. Each of Kevin’s staple tricks are seen a couple of times; Judos, fastplants, awkward grinds including maydays, fakie 5-0s, sugarcanes and feeble fakies, various inverts and a couple of backside bonelesses that couldn’t be more different - One off the step-up at Burnside, and one dropped into sugarcane!

Is Kowalski the world’s best fullpipe looper at this point?

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