Extended: Madness’ Mind Trip Tour Video

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while! As soon as the tour dates and locations were released, the imagination was properly fired up as to the demos that would go down, as well as all the potential other parks / spots that the team would be hitting up.

Kicking things off at Tottenham alongside that classic Descendents track (Clean Sheets), Sam Beckett, Clay Kreiner and Toby Ryan put together some great lines, making the spot look really easy to skate, when if you’ve ever been you’ll know it’s anything but!

Into The Deaner section and the second half of the track - full summer vibes + a welcome appearance from Ryan Price, Clay and Toby close it out with a massive Stalefish and 540 respectively…

Next up is the Spain leg of the tour, with Sam Beckett easing into it with a gap up to bs Smith at the Kampsa DIY alongside the first clips of personal favourite and owner of one of the best trick bags; Martino Cattaneo. Sam Beckett and Alex Perelson in particular get busy in the Alcobendas bowl, with Perelson blunting and fakie pivot fakie-ing before a pivot fakie with impeccable form.

A brief stop in Austria sees Sam Beckett thread a great line ending in an amazing Sugarcane, before hitting a few German street spots, where Martino’s cross-discipline skills really start to come out; Ollies out of massive wallrides to fakie, followed shortly after by a shove-it / bigspin taken to fakie on a natural transition spot.

The video ends with a couple of the German demos, the guys invariably hitting the deepest / most extended area of each park, with Clay Kreiner punishing one particular tombstone with an Eggplant and a backside air straight into one of his signature kickflip indys to close out the video.

A couple of thoughts on what makes the video great;

  • The use of such classic songs as the soundtrack. Obviously this comes down to personal taste and whether you think the songs have been overused etc, but for me it strikes just the right balance between providing rewatch-ability and referencing the classic Santa Cruz videos.

  • The various vignets of the crew between skate footage really puts across the crew rather than team vibe that some companies struggle with.

  • Plenty of different approaches throughout the skaters in the video, considering the more street-oriented Ace Pelka and Jake Collins weren’t on the tour.

  • Whoever decided to add Martino Cattaneo to the team is a genius, dude has been one of the best in Europe for such a long time now - every clip of his is golden, hopefully we’ll see plenty more from him soon!