The Week on Hangup 05/04/20

Hope everyone’s doing good out/in there!

Dead Dave’s part in the amazing Funeral from Baghead Crew!

Here’s a great ATV part from one of our favourites, Elijah Akerley.

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Cambridge scene vid from Jake Bell!

Jeremiah Babb’s Bender Hardware, based over in Atlanta released a cool 2020 promo video, filmed at a few sessions where the crew got the camera out! If you haven’t seen any of Jeremiah’s parts in Consolidated’s back catalogue, educate yourself now! His part in Behold starts at 3.35…

The latest in Kashif Saghar’s excellent Transport Mondays series sees many heads hit up Glasgow’s Transport Museum spot!

Great Crailtap crew skating Carroll’s house. Raven proving he’s still the best…

A cool minute of Willis Kimbel at a fun looking one! Back smiths over spines always look great. Filmed by Chris Varcadipane.