The Week on Hangup 13/04/21

Coming this Tuesday is the latest article in our Sounds series, this one focusing on Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta’s shared part in Osiris’ Subject to Change. Have a watch of the part below to refresh your memory, and become a Paid Subscriber to access it when it’s released!

Stoked to see this one finally released! Louie “The Cougar” Johnson filmed around the North East by the venerable Bish.

New edit from Grant Dawson filmed in and around London in the first part of 2021 featuring Curtis Pearl, Kelvinas Litvinas, Adam Delarue, Kyle Wilson, Levi Hinkley, Bill Emmanouilidis, Hedgie, Rauri Jones, Seb Tabe, Jake Church, Julian Kimura, Myles Shankie, Dennis Roberts, Josh Church and Alex Hatfield.

Gnarly part from Blood Wizard’s Nolan Miskell - Proper early Sammy Baca vibes from this one!

New Quasi Skateboards full length featuring; Dane Barker, Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Justin Henry and more.

We’ll be a Thoughts On piece on a couple of the sections from this one in the next few weeks! Become a Paid Subscriber to access.

Solid minute and a half of older Dick Rizzo footage whilst filming for Quasi.