The Week on Hangup 18/04/21

Barletta + Hsu, Tony Hawk, Homies and Drawing Boards...

Hey guys, coming up this week we have a couple of articles in our Thoughts On series, focusing on two of the standout parts in Quasi’s Grand Prairie - released Tuesday and Thursday morning respectively.

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💿 Sounds: Louie Barletta and Jerry Hsu in Subject to Change

We published the latest in our Paid Subscriber-Only series, Sounds, focusing on parts with definitive soundtracks. This time we’re focusing on Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta’s shared part in Osiris Shoes’ Subject to Change - set to New Order’s Age of Consent. If you aren’t already, become a Paid Subscriber below to read the full article, and receive each future edition of our Sounds, Extended and Thoughts On series straight to your inbox!

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The part begins with the reason I chose to revisit this section, Jerry Hsu’s No Comply on the yellow bank spot. On the original viewing, this trick in particular stood out to me, at a time when you hardly saw a No Comply in the media - they were definitely quite unfashionable back then… The intro guitar of Age of Consent along with the unorthodox bank tricks from Hsu and Barletta that open the part are pretty timeless.

As you’d expect with these two, there are plenty of unique or rarely seen tricks in this, so I won’t go into detailed trick breakdowns, but I’ll mention some of my favourites!

  • Barletta’s fingerflip fakie manual, fakie flip mixes the great mess-about tricks with his obviously deep technical bag.

  • The Big O doubles line sees both men pull off frontside tricks going backside to fakie, tailslide and nosegrind,respectively.

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Cool edit from Drawing Boards featuring Evan Johnson and Adam Keats at the incredible Oxhey park.

A new Toy Machine video introducing Dashawn Jordan and Braden Hoban alongside the rest of the team.

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Great bowled Tony Hawk from Gregson’s Masher series!

Extra-heavy crew in the latest Homies edit!