The Week on Hangup 17/05/20

OJ Wheels released a new clip in their re-edit series, Fresh Blend! You know it’s going to be good when it starts with classic Jake Selover footage…

Four and a half minutes of vert watchable John Worthington pool footage!

The NHS crew have been pumping out plenty of great re-edits! Tuffli at Burnside never gets old…

Some glimpses of proper wizardry in this one amongst the more expected tricks! Properly slid backside tailslides, halfcab crook to fakie and a patented switch flip are all definite highlights.

Death posted their long-gestating latest full length, Into the Void!

A great Gregson Clay Kreiner vert edit! The Hawk ramp follow-film is amazing - And obviously could only be filmed by Gregson! Check out our Extended article from Madness’ Mind Trip euro tour from a while back here.